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The Project of The Internet Magazine Euroasian Express

      The main aim of the project is to attract the attention of the academic and laic public together with promoting the subject of Euroasian region and Balkan in Czech republic.

The region of interest:

      Post soviet region divided into the regional sectors: Russia, Baltic republics, Ukraine - Belarus- Moldavia, Caucasus, Central Asia plus Balkans. Main interest will be put on the current political development with the possibility to publish articles related to the economy, history and culture of the specified region.

The group of interest:

      People interested in the current development of the post soviet countries and Balkans, university students (international studies, politology, Russian studies), business organizations, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of trade and industry.

The structure:

      Euroasian express will be a monthly magazine published in the Internet version. The content of each issue will be following:
  • short summary of the main news from the region
  • specialized analyzes of the selected events
  • the summary of the published articles from the Czech and world media related to the regional development
  • web links and other contacts to the important organizations and study centers
  • articles related to the history and culture of the region, interviews, photos
  • each issue will also content the updated version of the information base for each country- basic data for each country, short history, economical situation, political structure
  • also a possibility of specialized issues related to the selected topics- for example elections.

          Our basic aim is to develop a specialized Czech server, which should give a broad space for a discussion about the given region.

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