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     Civil association EUROASIA is an independent community of people, mostly studying at the Institut of international studies at The Faculty of social science at Charles Univerzity, Prague. We associate people interested in contemporary development of the political and socio-economical situation in post-Soviet republics (Russia, CIS states, Baltic states) and Balkans.

     Our main aim is to revive interest and intensify knowledge of given regions. We would like to serve as a forum for the exchange of different opinions on the development of the situation in the given regions. With this aim we afford wide variety of information specialized on individual states. We also take part in several other projects focused on given regions, mostly with a help of Internet media. We also cooperate with several other associations, organizations and independent researchers from Czech republic and abroad.

     We are preparing internet magazine project called "Euroasian express" which will contain not only the summary of the topical information from the given regions, but also specialized political and historical studies. Another important aim of our association is to organize lectures and discussion boards, elaborate thematic projects and organize several other actions, which should attract the interest of academic, but expecially the laic society.

     Here you can read the rules (statute) of the association and if interested you can print out the application and send it to the adress of our quarters. We will be also happy for any proposals or suggestions that you can give us.

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